"Let There Be Peace" by Alexandra Nechita


    Bronze Sculpture


    18"H x 12"




    Alexandra NECHITA Bronze Sculpture SOLD OUT, "Let There Be Peace" listed with the Submit Best Offer option


    SUBMIT BEST OFFERS: Nearly impossible to find, up for sale is an Alexandra Nechita Bronze Sculpture of a woman boldly extending two doves in her hands, a symbol of triumph and peace. If you are looking for a stunning, Nechita Bronze for a great value, then this is it. This piece is very versatile as it is full round and thus can be displayed in a variety of areas. Her bronze sculptures are extremely rare, and this sold out almost immediately but we are able to provide this piece to you at an excellent price. Currently it is be offered well under gallery retail of $21,000 with the submit best offer option..



    Alexandra Nechita's Artworks have sold for very high prices at major auction houses, and in Retail Galleries around the world. Worth mentioning is the fact that Nechita was a childhood prodigy that they say painted with the color of Matisse and the style of Picasso which earned her the nickname "Petite Picasso".  Thus retail galleries would be asking several times what we are for this piece, $21,000.00 in fact.  This is the one of the nicest Nechita bronze artworks we have ever seen and one that can also be used to bring enjoyment to your home or business in a variety of ways.  She has incorporated his full realm of genius into this one sculpture thus it is extremely rare and available almost nowhere online, especially for this price. It is guaranteed authentic, stamp signed into the bronze, numbered 64 of 88 and, comes with a Gallery Certificate of Authenticity. This sculpture is in excellent condition and still contains the original patina that is the highlight to this magnificent sculpture. Again, this piece is being listed with the Submit Best Offer Option so you can name your own price now. It measures approx. 18"H x 12".  This piece looks absolutely spectacular once viewed in person as the detailed bronze nude come to life in a brilliant display of Cubism art. Alexandra Nechita's art has been exhibited in major museums around the world, and his works of art are to be found in some of the most prestigious public and private collections worldwide.  Here is the opportunity to add an authentic piece to your collection so please contact us if you have any further questions regarding this sculpture which will be packaged to ship domestically or Internationally.  And do not forget to Submit Your Offer.