"Mick Jagger Suite (Invitations)" by Andy Warhol


    10 Original Offset Lithographs on an Invitation Cards



    6" x 4" (each)


    26" x 37"




    Andy Warhol Complete Set of 10 Original & Authentic Hand Signed Offset Lithograph, Professionally Custom Framed and listed with the Submit Best Offer Option 
    Now Accepting Offers: The item up for sale is a very rare Set of Andy Warhol Signed Offset Lithographs featuring the iconic portrait of Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger.  Warhol is forever famous for the free thinking, bold creativity, vibrant color and many other ideals that his artworks exhibit.  But of all the Pop Art Masterpieces he has created, often the most coveted images are the portraits of Pop Icons, and only the most famous and talented, like Mick Jagger, were good interesting enough for Warhol.  The ones here, which were used as Gallery Invitations, showcase Warhol's full spectrum of captivating genius, including the use of intricate detail and brilliant color.  It was works like this, as he was able to take simple images of recognized personalities and turn them into remarkable pieces of Pop Culture, that cemented Warhol's place in art immortality.   Yet, we have listed the for thousands less than the currently retail, and with the Submit Best Offer option.  So name your price today today, as you do not want to miss out on this authentic item from the Father of Pop Art, Andy Warhol.  At this incredible value it will not be around long, as the first person to meet our bottom line shall be the lucky new owner.
    ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED:  Andy Warhol's artworks have sold for very high prices at major auction houses, and in Galleries around the world.  Worth mentioning again is the fact that Warhol is one of 6 artists ever to have a piece of their art sell for over $100 million.  However, this is your chance to own an original set of Warhol artworks for a much better deal than those retail outlets command.  The suite is comprise of 10 Original Offset Lithographs on an Invitation Cards that tastefully pay homage to the legendary Rock-N-Roller, Mick Jagger.  Each of the lithographs, published by Seabird edition is hand signed, comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity and have remained in excellent condition since they were published in 1975.  Furthermore, they are of impressive craftsmanship and size, measuring approximately 6" x 4" (each), and 26" x 37" with the custom frame, which was constructed specifically for these piece and is the perfect compliment.  Making the display even better in person, where the exquisite detail and fabulous color, brings the suite to life.  Andy Warhol's art has been exhibited in major museums around the world, and can be found in some of the most prestigious public and private collections worldwide.  Now you can add this piece to yours as it will be professionally packaged to ship domestically or Internationally.  Therefore, please contact us if you have any questions and do not forget to submit those offers now.