"Original Caribbean Adventure" by Alexandra Nechita


    Original Oil on Canvas


    20" x 16"


    30" x 26"



  • YEAR

    Alexandra Nechita Authentic & All Original Oil Painting on Canvas, Professionally Custom Framed and listed with the Submit Best Offer option
    Accepting Offers Now: The item up for sale is a spectacular and bold Oil Painting by Nechita, that was originally Prestigious Pierside Gallery.  Alexandra Nechita is known as a childhood prodigy, who is famous for the vibrant color, unique creativity, expressive passion and many other traits that his artwork exhibit.  And, of all Nechita's masterpieces, often the most desired images are intricate renderings from her early youth,  created in the style of Pablo Picasso and color of Matisse, earning her the nickname "The Petite Picasso".  Like the one here crated in 1993 when she is only 8, which gives the viewer fascinating incite into her rare talents and remarkable genius. This all original painting titled, "Original Caribbean Adventure",  looks absolutely spectacular with the high-quality moulding enhancing its incredible imagery.  Additionally, it is has been listed with the Submit Best Offer option so name your price now.  Because, at this incredible value, it won't be around long and the first person that meets our bottom line shall be the lucky new owner.  You do not want to miss the opportunity to an own authentic piece by this master of Cubism, Alexandra Nechita.
    Alexandra Nechita's artworks have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at major auction houses, and in Galleries around the world.  However, this is your chance to own an authentic and early period painting at a much better deal than retail outlets command.  The artwork here, "Originally Caribbean Adventure", is an alluring illustrations from the islands, that is saturated with brilliant color and exquisite detail.  The immaculately artwork is of impressive craftsmanship and size, measuring approximately 20" x 16"  and 30" x 26" with the custom frame, which is the perfect compliment.  Making it even better in person, and a perfect addition to any home or office and, has remained in excellent condition since it was painted by Nechita.  Furthermore, it is hand signed in lower right corner, and comes with a Gallery COA.  Also remember again, this piece has been listed with the Submit Best Offer option, meaning it will likely sell before the end of this listing.  Alexandra Nechita's art has been exhibited in major museums around the world, and can be found in some of the most prestigious public and private collections worldwide.  Now, this authentic item can be part of yours as it will be professionally packaged to ship domestically or Internationally.  Therefore please contact us if you have any questions and do not forget to submit your offer.