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"La Fiancee" by Itzchak Tarkay


    Hand Blown glass Seaform Set


    6" x 9"




    Dale Chihuly Original Glass Seaform Set composed of deep yellow bodies, decorated with bold red wraps. Worth mentioning again is the fact that Chihuly is widely regarded as the greatest glass blower ever and his pieces sell for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars at galleries and auction houses around the world.  However, we are offering this piece at a much better deal than those retail outlets command, and  have listed it with the Submit Best Offer, so its likely to sell before this listing ends.  This sculpture set is an ORIGINAL and HAND SIGNED work that is representative of Chihuly's full realm of genius, including unique technique, intricate shape and fascinating color.  This seaform set, saturated with color and ornate detail, is one of the most unique works by Chihuly we have ever made available.  It looks even more impressive in person, was completed circa 1996, is hand signed, guaranteed authentic, and accompanying the purchase, the buyer shall receive a Gallery letter of authenticity.  Also it is of impressive craftsmanship and size, measuring approx. 6" x 9" and included with your purchase is an acrylic case.

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