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Since Original Art Broker does not have a brick-and-mortar store, we make our art more visible online by also selling through eBay. This allows us to quickly update our inventory as soon as we receive it, and ensures that our clients get the best deal possible - with the option to make an offer on any artwork. We also know that eBay has built a trustworthy reputation between sellers and buyers and new customers might be more comfortable purchasing through their platform. However purchasing directly from us avoids the commissions charged by eBay and we offer you the ability to check out directly through Paypal. We hope after we have successfully established a relationship with our clients, that they will continue to shop with us on

Our two accounts on eBay have an 100% positive feedback rating for over 8,000 artworks.

*Since we are a small business, it is easier to divide up accounts so we are able to provide our customers with prompt customer service.

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