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"Bouquet with Bird" by Marc Chagall


    Original Color Lithograph


    19 5/8" x 14" (archival matted to 16 1/2" x 12")


    28" x 24"




    Marc Chagall Authentic, Hand Signed and Numbered Color Lithograph, Professionally Custom Framed and listed with the Submit Best Offer option

    Accepting Offers Now:  Up for sale here we have an Original Lithograph in Color by Marc Chagall on Arches Paper titled, "Bouquet with Bird (m.298)".  This is one of his prestigious and modern illustrations that pays tribute to the French culture, nature's harmony and humanity, showcasing his captivating vision and remarkable talents.  Furthermore, it has been elaborately custom framed, as shown, in an expensive, high quality wood moulding to enhance its spectacular imagery.  And, with only 75 pieces in the edition, that sold out almost immediately after it was published in 1960, it is now nearly impossible to find.  Therefore it is likely your last opportunity to purchase this lithograph, especially for thousands less than the current retail.  Yet, we have listed it with the Submit Best Offer option, so name your price now.  At this incredible value, the piece will likely sell before the end of this listing, as the first person to meet our bottom line shall be the lucky new owner.  You do not want to miss this authentic work by the Master of Modernism, Marc Chagall.  

    Marc Chagall was one of the most groundbreaking artists of the twentieth century. Today, he is remembered as one of the most influential Russian artists, Jewish artists, and early modernist artists of all time. He grew up drawing and painting and would often draw on his life and village for inspiration. He began studying art in St. Petersburg, Russia and would move to Paris in 1910 to continue his studies and produce art there. He was a great master of the School of Paris. Working in a number of mediums, Chagall's art career was as diverse and varied as his influence. His  famous works include the stained glass windows in many Cathedrals including the Metz, the windows for the UN, and the ceiling paintings of the Paris Opera. Chagall was extremely important in the early European modernism movement. He pushed the idea forward by combining influences of cubism, symbolism, and fauvism together. Chagall was famous for his profound use of color, as he used color in a new and interesting way.  He was forced to deal with the Nazi campaign against modern art while he was working on his Bible illustrations and as a Jew he was forced to escape from Nazi occupied France. He moved to American where he soon became an important proponent for Jewish rights in Europe.   Chagall passed away in 1985 leaving behind him an impressive legacy as both an influential artist and an influential member of the Jewish community. His work remains extremely popular and important today. Very few artists play such an important historical role, but Chagall will be remembered for playing an important role in both art history and world history.


    Here is a fabulous and spectacular, Marc Chagall Original Color Lithograph titled "Bouquet with Bird" featuring his iconic modernism elements: portraits, flowers and birds.  Worth mentioning again is the fact that Chagall is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists ever, the father of Modernism, and his paintings sell for millions of dollars at auction.  However, we are able to offer you this intricately detailed artwork at a much better price that those retail outlets command.  This lithograph by Chagall is representative of his full realm of genius, including delicate technique, exquisite detail and brilliant color.  Also the work of art, Referenced by Mourlot at #298, is Hand Signed and Numbered (51 of 75), guaranteed authentic, and accompanying the purchase, the buyer shall receive a Gallery COA.  Finally it is of impressive craftsmanship & size, measuring approximately 19 5/8" x 14" (archival matted to 16 1/2" x 12") and 28" x 24" with its custom frame, which was constructed specifically for this piece.  Making it even better in person and a truly museum quality display, as it one of the most magnificent pieces that Chagall has ever created.  Marc Chagall's fine art has been exhibited in major museums around the world and can be found in some of the most prestigious public and private collections worldwide.  Now you can add this authentic piece to yours as it will be professionally packaged to ship domestically or Internationally.  Therefore, please contact us if you have any further questions and do not forget to SUBMIT YOUR OFFER. 

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