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"Madeline in Paris - Handmade Plate" by Ludwig Bemelmans


    Hand Painted and Glazed Ceramic Plate


    9" in diameter (frame size 20" x 20")




    titled, "Madeline in Paris".  This is the one of the nicest and most intriguing artworks Bemelmans has ever created, with its vivid detail coupled with the depiction of Madeline. Therefore it is exceedingly valuable and was based on the journeys of his most iconic character.  Worth mentioning again is the fact, Bemlemans is considered a King of Illustration and one of the all-time masters, thus his original works tend to sell for very high prices, over $137,500.00, at this galleries around the world.  And of all his creations none are more famous than Madeline. Furthermore, it is guaranteed authentic, comes with a Gallery Certificate of Authenticity  and contains additional information the back.  Again, this piece is being listed with the Submit Best Offer Option which means it will likely sell before the end of this listing.  The plate measures 9" in diameter and is contained within a custom silver frame that measures approximately 20" x 20".

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